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Thank you for stopping by, my name is Allison and I am an Independent Health & Fitness Coach for Team Beachbody.  I absolutely LOVE cooking, baking, photography and web page design!  I have an amazing boyfriend (and best friend)   No children, just a couple of spoiled pitbull sisters that I adopted.  I even make them homemade dog food and treats -- they just KNOW anytime the cans of pumpkin puree opens up that it is for them!  Oh and of course doggy birthday cake and ice cream!!  They did not inherit the best genes, so after they turned three years old we have been dealing with allergies to dust, grass, trees -- pretty much the entire outdoor world.  Right after they turned six years old in March of 2015, Memphis Belle was diagnosed with ITP, a rare autoimmune disease that attacks platelets -- the cells responsible for clotting blood.  We have spent countless hours at the animal hospital and a couple of scary weeks she even had to stay in the ICU.So with all of that said, I figured I should combine everything together in one place for friends, for family, for YOU to enjoy! 

 I have always loved food when I actually sit here and think about it. But most importantly, the process with care, detail and attention up to enjoying all of the hard, or easy, work!  I just love knowing EXACTLY what is actually in my food, and how fresh it is!  Everything that is made with love tastes a little better.   I remember making pancakes or pies on the weekends with my mom and EVERYTHING was made from scratch!  It just TASTES better!  

I have never been a very athletic person and I didn't start on my own health and fitness journey until a few years ago.  I would go to the gym here & there and after a few visits, I would fall off track and never thought it would be worth the money to pay for a personal trainer.  I was embarrassed being a pretty small girl in a room full of equipment that I had absolutely NO idea how to use or what exercises to do.  So I would just run on the treadmill for a few miles until I got tired and that was it.

 I finally realized around then that I was going about things all wrong!  I could roll all of this into one ... a complete lifestyle change!!  Yeah I cooked and baked all the time, but I wouldn't be finding the cleanest and leanest dinners, and I was making cupcakes and muffins WAY too often!  I love making a huge batch of something and sharing it with my friends, and their kids!  So I started watching what I ate, just making smarter decisions and substitutions.  And then, I purchased Focus T25, joined an online challenge group and I haven't stopped!! 

I haven't been perfect though!  There were days, weeks, maybe a month at a time where I slipped off the wagon, and just didn't feel like getting up and pushing play.  Although there have been days, weeks and months of me pushing play multiple times a day!  I absolutely have fallen in love with 21 Day Fix and its creator, Autumn Calabrese!  Yet as soon as PiYo got here in the mail, I fell in love with Chalene Johnson, and everything about who and how she is!

I have never really had any serious weight issues but I have yo-yo'ed back and forth quite a lot over the years.  I have always been considered pretty petite making those couple of inches or pounds THAT much more noticeable, at least in the mirror when I looked at myself.  As far back as I can remember, I have dealt with body image issues and insecurities along with bouts of depression and anxiety.   I always wanted to go to nursing school but after I finished my first 60-day Challenge Group with 21 Day Fix, I was hooked.  I decided that I wanted to start helping people, not just with a recipe to make for dinner, but to go through this journey together!  With all of the amazing support, drinking Shakeology & working out daily, clean eating and awesome new friends I was making I decided to become a Team Beachbody Coach!

The fact that I get paid to do what I love is beyond awesome in itself although at the end of the day, it isn't about the number on a paycheck.  What really matters are the people that I can help on a daily basis become a healthier and happier version of themselves!!

 If you want a spot in one of my Private Facebook Accountability Challenge Groups, fill out an application or reach out to me because I want to help you reach your goals!  These groups are filled with people just like you & myself, who want to maintain a healthy lifestyle with accountability, support and motivation along the way.  We are all just at a different spot in our own journey with the same ending destination!

If you are ready for a change, and want to better yourself and join my team, please email me apowerfulljourney@gmail.com or add or message me on Facebook!  


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