Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Free 30 Day Butt, Gut & Leg Challenge!

THANKSGIVING IS ALMOST HERE!! Let's get your whole body ready for the holidays with this FREE challenge -- I am calling in *No Nonsense November!!*

This is a public group, so anyone can join! So please invite your friends, family, co-workers, neighbors, and let's get this thing started!! I need your help keeping me accountable too! :) The more, the merrier, and I will be giving away a special prize to the person who invited the MOST friends or family, and also based on participation! 
~So start working out and invite, invite, INVITE!!!

Everybody can use some extra accountability and a little motivation, so that is what we will be doing here the entire time!!

These workouts are not going to make you magically drop 40 pounds -- but paired with dedication and healthier food choices (which make up about 80% of results) you will DEFINITELY see and feel some changes!! The more active you become in this group could be that extra push that someone (you may not even know!) needs - so let's all help each other!!

If this is the first time that you are committing to working out, just use this to help you get into the habit of getting active, and add a little cardio in each day with it as well! If you would like even more, message me and I can give you more information on the private accountability groups I run! This is where you will get help to customize your meal plan and set you up with a fitness program that is tailored to YOUR fitness goals!!

Everything is laid out for you on the calendar that I made, so follow along, keep up, catch up, and just have FUN!! I know some of these are going to be kicking your butt -- but it is going to be totally worth it!! Pace everything out, do reps so it isn't all at once -- please make a post or comment if you need some motivation to get it done!! We will be there all month long together :) 

I will be posting in the group with extra motivation, maybe add some extras, or have a little contest, and a peek into some clean eating tips and some of my recipes! If you have questions, or anything you want to share, please do! Let's make it like a small little family throughout this!! 

♥ Allison

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