Sunday, August 31, 2014


Top 6 Exercise Excuses and How to Beat Them!

1. "I Don't Have Time"
How much television do you watch?  Get in a full workout by just skipping one 30 minute episode! 
2.  "I'm Too Tired"
HA - well guess what?!  Working out will give you MORE energy!! And you will feel AMAZING once you start producing those feel-good endorphins!
3.  "I Don't Get A Break From the Kids"
Choose a fun activity outside, like walking or jumping rope!  Or Have the kiddos "help" you with your work out, and make sure that you are following along with Shaun T!
4.  "Exercise is Boring"
Once you find a program that is right for you, guaranteed you will want to be Pushing Play MORE than once a day!  There is something for everyone - so let me help you figure it out!
5.  "I Just Don't Like To Move"
Why?  Whatever the reason, there is a solution!  If T25 is too fast paced, we can get you into PiYo that is high intensity but low impact!  ANYTHING is better than NOTHING when it comes to moving!!
6.  "I've Tried Before"
Setting small and realistic goals help a lot, and you are more likely to follow through and feel successful!  And what is REALLY awesome about ordering a Challenge Pack like Focus T25, is that you get support, accountability, motivation, meal planning and prepping ideas, and a ton more in a FREE Challenge Group that I run with some pretty amazing Beachbody Coaches!!

SO .... what was your excuse again?!  Seasons are getting ready to change, so let's change your mindset and lifestyle along with it as well!!  This is my job, and I absolutely love helping others, so whatever your goals are, message me, and let me help you get there!!  I promise it will be a lot of work, but you won't regret it!! 

Want a little bit more info before you decide?!

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